Sunday, September 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Cute poster by Emily

I'm busier than ever these days and often feel like I'm killing myself to complete it all.  Reality has set in and I have a lot of questions to ask myself... the first being, what really makes me happy?  One of those things use to be posting on this blog.  The truth is - I miss it.  I often times start to share ideas/thoughts/random things that inspire me but then I stop myself due to so many reasons... the main one being that it's literally been a year since I last posted.  How would I ever make up for the past year?  Another excuse is worrying about what others will think.  I don't know why this bothers me so, but it does.  And maybe it's more so the unknown of who all is reading, rather than what they actually think.  It just seemed much easier to freely write about what made me happy when I was unaware that anyone even knew this little space existed.  Lastly, how do I keep my professional life and personal life separate?  I would never want my personal interests, beliefs, actions or words to affect the credibility of my business.  Maybe this calls for a new private blog?  Hmm... decisions, decisions.


Katie said...

Well, if you do go private I would love to be a member!! I have thought about it as well. I hope you do return to the blog world! I for one have missed you. :)

jessica lynn said...

from one dg to another i would love for you to keep blogging!

Meri Scott Carpenter said...

Hillary- I looove blogs! I am glad that you posted again! :)