Friday, October 31, 2008

Blast from the Past

Momma, a Halloween treat for you!

Me & my Halloween Cabbage Patch
October 1985

Wow, we beat Vandy

Note: Title should be read with sarcasm
Me and Hubby
Kelly, John Jackson, and Me
Me, Kelly, Sara Beth, and Stacey

We had the absolute best time at the MSU-Vandy game. Can you tell??? There's nothing like a weekend with your best girlfriends. I'm sure Hubby would agree with that statement. The day started off entirely too early after a late night out to Anthony's, only completed by a trip to Dave's (yes, Dark Horse Tavern). Don't worry, we were all champs. Kelly and I, especially, since we beat our neighbors at flip cup at 10 am in the morning. Come to think of it, Hubby probably deserves the gold star for setting up the tailgate at 7am. Thanks, Honey!

It was also Phil's birthday on Sunday. Umm, I bet that ride back to Jackson was fun. Not! Even more, I know the birthday lunch with the new extended family was a blast, hehehe. Either way, Philly Vanilli, I hope you had a great birthday weekend.

I seriously can't wait until we're all together again in February. What a great birthday gift to me!

A Trip to Anthony's

One of my dearest friends, the one and only Kelly Kirk (with the best monkey impersonation), was recently engaged and met us in Starkville to celebrate! We tried to show her fiance, Phil, that the Bulldogs know how to have a good time despite the losing season. We all had dinner at our favorite place, Anthony's in West Point. Somehow Hubby, Ray, and Amanda were able to dodge the camera. The rest of the crew is pictured somewhere in the collage above.

Oh and thanks for lining up the transportation, Sara Beth. Tell Delvin I'm sorry about the spill (as documented above)!

Flower Power

Last Friday, Hubby came home with two treats.... one for each of his girls. He said he knew he couldn't come home with a new dummy retriever for Bailey without anything for me. Hmmm, I think he's starting to catch on. Gosh I love him. He always know how to brighten my day.

Funny, for no particular reason he made us feel special. The power of flowers (or a dummy) is amazing, isn't it?

That night we had dinner and drinks with Keith and Ellen at Bangkok Alley. Always a good time with them! Afterwards, we went to see the movie Fireproof. I'll just say they definitely won't win an Oscar for their acting! However, every married couple should go see it.

Happy Halloween!

Gatlinburg, TN
October 2008

You're in for a 'treat'! I finally have pictures uploaded. More posts to come...

Friday Flashback

Brick House & Brick Layer, Law School Halloween Party
Circa 2005

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cowbells and Riverboat Horns

Anyone going to Knoxville for the Mississippi State-Tennessee game? We are going early with my parents and plan to spend the week prior in the mountains. Hubby, Dad, and I are all Bulldogs and Momma graduated from UT so we're all excited about the trip. My mom said she use to take the party boats back in her sorority days and that this the best way to travel to the UT games, so it should be a lot of fun. They still have limited space available on the boat, so pass the word.

Cruise to the MSU-UT football game aboard the ‘Bulldog Battle Boat’
Bulldog fans heading to Knoxville for the Mississippi State vs. Tennessee football game Oct. 18 can take part in one of the great traditions of SEC football – arriving at Neyland Stadium by boat! Neyland Stadium is nestled up against the banks of the Tennessee River. By the thousands, Big Orange fans go to home games by boat, tying them together for a floating tailgate party, hours … if not days … before kickoff. They call them the "Volunteer Navy."

Cruise to the stadium in style and avoid game day traffic aboard the ‘Bulldog Battle Boat.’ The 200-passenger riverboat will board at Marine Park, approximately five miles downstream, and drop its passengers off approximately ½ mile from Neyland Stadium. Owned and operated by the Tennessee Riverboat Company, the boat will be at the Marine Park at 2:00 PM for all to board. The riverboat will provide a direct return after the game.

Reservations are now being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost is $50 per person and includes boat passage and a sandwich lunch. A cash bar will be available, and a DJ with MSU ties will be aboard.

For more information, contact Bill or Blue Reeves 601-954-9292 (cell) 601-982-5834 (home)

You must pay in advance to reserve your spot. Mail checks to: Bill Reeves, 1200 Meadowbrook Road, Unit #27, Jackson, MS 39206. Please provide your name, address, phone number and a valid e-mail address.

*Note: E-mail will be used to communicate specific details about the trip. Please include a valid e-mail address.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finally, an Excuse!

Found here.

My mom found this quote over the weekend and said "Hillary, this fits you to a T!" If you know me at all, and you ask my opinion (or even if you don't ask), I'm often known to trump one's ideas. Until now, I've never known why I'm so bossy. Yes, I admit I tend to take charge at times. Finally, I have an excuse for the way I am!

Anyone looking for an early Christmas present for me? I will take anything from Mary Phillips Designs. I've loved her products for years now. I swear she just keeps getting better!