Monday, January 29, 2007

Love from Ohio!

Harpo in his "metro" Christmas collar

Me n' Meg at our rehearsal dinner;
she flew from Ohio for the MS wedding weekend

Care packages are so much fun! Have you ever gone to the mailbox expecting to find more bills and instead find a surprise? Well that's what Bailey did this morning. Our good friends Meg and Harpo sent Bailey a care package from Ohio filled with all sorts of goodies. They said every girl needs perfume, a collar to grow into, and a hairbrush!
The card was equally cute. I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but it's an upholstered chair covered in saran wrap to help puppy proof it! We can't wait to use all our girlie products, Meg & Harpo. Thanks for making our day!

PS- Bailey Loves Harpo!

Weekend Warrior

Bailey had a very exciting weekend... she had her first trip to Holly Springs on Friday to visit Dr. David & Dr. Mike. She was excellent and everyone there just loved her. She weighed just under 11 lbs and was an angel through the whole proces of being wormed, given her six week shots, and getting her nails clipped. I don't have any pictures of the appointment because I thought that might be a little much! However, I do have pictures of her playing with her four year old cousin Bo. There's quite a bit of difference in size but not much in maturity!

On Saturday, Russell and I carried Bailey on her first trip to PetSmart. She was a little overwhelmed, as was I, at all the toys and treats to choose from. As you can see, we managed to select a few. Bailey was so tired after our 45 minute trip, she decided to stay in the car and sleep on Russell's lap while I grocery shopped at Kroger.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Busy Bailey

I'm sorry I'm just now posting but it's been a long & crazy week. I've been super busy working with fabrics and attending appointments, while Bailey seems to be in the middle of everything. She thinks she's better than me at merchandising the Tietex fabric line. She turned six weeks today and we're taking her in for her 1st vet appointment and shots in the morning. The familly had our first neighborhood walk yesterday, in which she was really good leading with her new leash. Lastly, she also had her first bath. She acted pretty good for the sampoo massage, just not too excited about the water. As you can see, the bath must've been relaxing because she's fast asleep on her new sushi pillow as I type this.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bailey On Board!

We have some news... the latest addition to the familly is a girl! Her name is Bailey, and she slept all through the night without making a "mess" in her bed. No, I don't think she's potty trained but we've only had 1 accident in the house and we're oh-so proud. Check her out and let us know what you think of her.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Linens N' Things

My new bedding has arrived and I can not decide how I want to get them monogrammed. Traditionally, the female's initials are used for bath linens. I really want to use both of our first initials... R J H. Is this proper??? I'm ready to go ahead and have the duvet and shams monogrammed so they will be ready for my new bedroom furniture that is scheduled to arrive in a couple of weeks!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy 26th Birthday, Stacey!

Today is our best friend Stacey's birthday. Stacey and I met through our sorority sisters my first year of college. In the beginning, I thought we were nothing alike... she can be so quiet sometimes! Stacey has been around for every detail of my relationship with Russell. She's actually been both my roommate in college and Russell's roommate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She was my maid of honor in our wedding and is truly the greatest friend ever.

Happy Birthday, Stacey! We love you and can't wait for the John Mayer concert!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

So I finally took down the Christmas tree today. Yes, it's been over three weeks since Christmas. I've actually been procrastinating to replace the spot with new furniture. I believe it's safe to say that we got our money's worth out of the tree. Prior to purchasing our first Christmas tree as a couple, I was afraid that Russell would not be happy to hear what a real tree costs. I took him to look at artificial trees, where some of them wanted over $1k for a 9 or 10 footer! Since our real tree held up for over two months, we plan to buy next year's from the same place.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I won the Rug War!

The Tupelo Furniture Market was this week and proved to be a personal success. Russell and I have been saving our money in hopes that we would find some furniture to fill the house. We had discussed the need for a living room rug prior to shopping but... Russell felt like it was more important to have something to sleep on rather than that to step on, hence the reason for the rug war! Don't worry, I won and am now the proud owner of a 50+ year old hand knotted wool rug. I better like it, I may be sleeping on it!