Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Flashback

circa 2006

I'm so glad Friday has finally arrived... it's going to be a busy weekend, but a fun one, as I get to spend it with these fabulous girls. Let the story wars begin!
PS- Safe travels to Kelly and Phil.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Junior Auxiliary's Catfish & Khakis 2009...

Don't miss the biggest party in DeSoto County, tomorrow night!Tickets are $40... includes open bar, all you can eat catfish, band, silent auction. Purchase your tickets here or at the gate.

Poster, tickets and t-shirt design by Address to Impress.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

100 Days to Christmas!

Who knew?!? Today marks exactly 100 days 'til Christmas! I have to admit that I miserably failed the 100 Days to Christmas Challenge last year. Christmas '08 was a blur due to the launch of Address to Impress and getting ready for our first January Market in Atlanta.

This year, my business partner Jennifer and I are determined to actually enjoy our Christmas Holidays! While balancing re-orders as well as introducing 100+ new designs for January 2010, we will be ready to 'jingle' with the daily dose of inspiration & motivation from 100 Days to Christmas.

Each day over at 100 Days to Christmas you will find tips, tricks, reminders and goals to make your holidays runs smoothly. They even encourage hand-made, crafted gifts at little to no cost. Hubby will be glad to hear this since we're just a one-income family this year. He's graciously supporting me in pursuing my dream with AtoI and allowing me to focus on it full time. This means minimal shopping for moi.

So join me as I take the 100 Days to Christmas Challenge...

Today’s Goal is to get together My Holiday Planner. This is easy since I love any excuse to buy a new binder! Anyone else miss shopping for school supplies? Okay, I guess I'm ready. Leave me a comment if you plan to join the challenge. Lord knows I'll need plenty of folks holding me accountable!

Don't hold your breath... but I'm going to 'sporadically' try posting again! I'm also challenging myself to post a design a day between now and Christmas over at the Address to Impress blog, so you can get close look at all of the designs you see in our display at Atlanta Market below.