Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Party's Over

I know, I know. It's a wonder you even still check in on me. I'm probably the most inconsistent blogger ever.

It's just when I am working on a project, party, invitation, etc I get pretty consumed until it is over. I just completed Stacey and Ray's Around the House shower last weekend. I would say the only downfall was that I forgot to take pictures of everything. We even had the paper lanterns outside. Oh well!

Here was the inspiration for the invite & party...

It all started with a photo of the two of us at my bridal shower!

Invite by Address to Impress

Kelly, Jade, Hillary, Wurth, and Stacey

Ray and Stacey

My first flower arrangement- and it wasn't hard at all! I don't know if I can ever pay for an arrangement again

Hosts- Back: Amy, Kim, Hillary, Anna K, Shannon, Kelly, & Kristin; Front: Kelly, Jade, Lauren, Stacey, & Wurth

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