Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Linens N' Things

My new bedding has arrived and I can not decide how I want to get them monogrammed. Traditionally, the female's initials are used for bath linens. I really want to use both of our first initials... R J H. Is this proper??? I'm ready to go ahead and have the duvet and shams monogrammed so they will be ready for my new bedroom furniture that is scheduled to arrive in a couple of weeks!!!


Russell and Hillary Jordan said...

I found out the proper etiquette for monogramming....
Traditional Etiquette: Use the female's initials- first name, married last name, maiden nam(H J P)
Modern Etiquette: Use couples' first names on either side of the shared last name BUT the female's first name should be first (H J R)

Anisa said...

hey hill!

yep...i like the modern etiquette best. so nice to have an update on you...miss you!!

love, nee

Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

OOPS! Ours are wrong then...our bedding is R H J (Ryan Holloway Jenny). OH WELL!:) Thanks for commenting last glad to be in touch with you!!!!