Monday, March 19, 2007

San Gimignano, Italy

I was out surfing the blogs this evening when I came across a girl planning her Italian honeymoon. She had posted that they planned to visit a beautiful Tuscan town called San Gimignano. Russell and I couldn't agree more that this little town was one of the great hidden "gems" throughout our Tuscan travels. The middle picture is of us with the famous photographer, Nocci, whose work has been featured on the cover of Conde Nast. He has a quaint little gallery nestled in the winding steps of San Gimignano. This is where I purchased several of his art pieces for souvenirs. He was even kind enough to give us a complimentary photo as a wedding gift. Oh, how I wish I were going there in a couple of weeks!


Chad, MK, and Camp said...

we are going to italy in august! we are staying most of the trip in the tuscan region in a villa and taking day trips out... email me at if you have any suggestions!!! i have never been to europe, and italy is my dream trip!!!! yay!!!

STL Sarah said...

Oh, it looks soooo wonderful. I get more excited every day!!