Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A note to my "biggest fan"

anonymous said...
Dear Hillary- You do realize that it's been three weeks since you last updated the best blog on the internet don't you? That is completely unacceptable. Your supporters are growing restless as they anxiously await new postings.
Signed- Your biggest fan. May 21, 2007 1:10pm

Above is a post that Russell brought to my attention the other day. I had not noticed it yet. I think it is hilarious! Apparently someone posted it just three days prior to my long overdue post on May 24th. I had been pretty busy and not posted in about three weeks. It was bothering me that I had not taken time out to post but I had no clue anyone else cared. Heck, I'm unsure that anyone even looks at this thing. I know my "biggest fan" was being sarcastic when he/she said that my blog was the "best on the Internet" but does anyone really care about my posts? There are all kind of blogs out there... people who post funny, lengthy stories and those who post mostly pictures with small captions like myself. I'm not much of a writer, have never cared for things like diaries & journals. Sorry! If you want to see a good combination of both, visit the Holloways. That girl is good! I don't know how she does it all. Anywho, the reason I'm posting this is to let my "biggest fan" know that I'm leaving tomorrow for business for the week. I have my Showtime Fabric Market in High Point, NC and will not be accessible to the Internet. I wish that I could say that Russell would keep the posts going but he's still not convinced this blog idea is cool enough for him. Besides, he's pretty busy working at The Firm these days. So, I guess I'll let you know how my fabric showings go next week. Until then.. don't miss me too much, "biggest fan."


Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

haha!! thanks hillary! glad to see you posting again....and guess what? your banner is ready! i will email it to you!!

Anonymous said...

Its good to know that someone is listening. I get really lonesome when you don't post.
- Your biggest fan.

p.s. Keep the posts coming. May 29 was the greatest day of my life.