Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yard & Garden

My first door arrangement I did myself. I just realized that double doors are going to cost me double $$ in the future.
Sweet Bailey Girl watched Russell weed the whole back yard while I was vacuuming inside
Look who thinks the in-ground sprinkler system was installed just for her!

Russell and I have spent most of the weekend trying to "keep up with the Joneses." Actually, we're trying to keep up with a few of our neighbors' yards. Hopefully when we're done with ours, a few others will want to "keep up with the Jordans." We truly want/need a landscape architect's opinion but we're looking to do all of the work ourselves and we're too cheap to spend the money! Anyhow, you won't find too many pics of me in here since I looked so terrible working but I've included a few of what we've accomplished thus far...


thereynolds said...

Your hard work certainly shows! It's beautiful!

Christi said...

Your yard looks awesome! That is last on my list...I still haven't unpacked the boxes! I've got a long weekend ahead!