Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bailey's ZZZZZ's

I just love watching Bailey sleep. The other day, Saturday morning to be exact, I had planned to watch TV and rest on the sofa with my pillow and a throw. Unfortunately I got busy around the house and someone else took my spot. I couldn't help but let her stay.

Bailey's getting so big these days. Not only is she showing more and more interest in eating her food but she's also graduated to sleeping on the floor in our room at night. Yep, she loves to sleep next to our bed so we've kind of stopped using her crate. I've previously used a blanket on the floor but my mother-in-law suggested I put her dog bed next to our bed to see if she would sleep on it. If so, we might want to buy her a second one for Christmas so we don't have to move the one in the living room back and forth. Well, she definitely must have overheard our conversation because she's been snoozing on her bed the past two nights. She looks so comfy! It looks like we might be asking Santa to visit LLBean for Christmas...

As the Momma and decorator of the house, I've suggested Bailey ask for the khaki color so it coordinates with our bedroom decor. And as the one who is responsible for all of the laundry, I love the machine-washable denim cover that is as tough and comfortable as your favorite pair of worn jeans.

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Crystal and Billy said...

I wish Maddie would sleep on her bed we bought her, but she is spoiled rotten and sleeps in our bed (mostly sprawled out and pushing me out of my side and into Billy's) every night. Bailey is such a cutie!!