Saturday, August 25, 2007

Home Chic Home

Okay, so I know it's been almost a month since my last post. I can't believe my "biggest fan" hasn't complained. He or she must be terribly busy him/herself these days. So, I've actually been out of town for the past three weeks and that's why there's been no action on the blog lately.

To recap what we've had complete but have yet to post... Russell was great to finish his "honey-do" list before I left town three weeks ago:

1. Paint the office Santorini Blue

2. Assist in grouting tiles for patio table

3. Hang glass rods and Cornflower Blue drapes in dining room

4. Build a rock wall around the mailbox

I think all of it turned out as well or better than I expected! And yes, I just noticed that everything we did is some shade of blue. Oh well, nothing else in our house was blue except for Bailey's denim dog bed. Does that count???

I stayed in Starkville for the first two weeks of August for Mississippi State's sorority recruitment. I'm the Recruitment Advisor for Delta Gamma so I assisted in the process by living at the DG house from Aug.4-18. Russell doesn't care for me being away and "playing" for that long but it's only once a year and I really enjoy the time with the other advisors. Oh, what a reality check living in the house again! Little did I know how easy I had it back in college. The girls in the chapter are so fun and I kind of miss them. I'm sure I'll see them soon enough at the football games. They did a great job making quota and pledged 63 beautiful new members, 7 of which were in-house legacy sisters.

Most recently, my new boss came to travel with me this week to review my (dying) territory and to visit the Tupelo Furniture Market. It's really sad how slow the industry has been lately. I encourage all of you to go out and buy some furniture! We need to keep this struggling industry alive. Otherwise, I may be looking for another sales job! My favorite part of the market is the opportunity for personal shopping. I visited my friend Haydar again for some more oriental rugs. Russell and I love him. He's the one who sold us our first big rug purchase last January. This time I bought a new runner to go in between the office and guest room and a smaller size to float under the kitchen island. I'm really excited about them and can't wait for February Market when I plan to purchase a larger one for our naked foyer.


B.J. and Mark said...

Hi Hillary! I'm so glad I found your blog! I just love your home, its so cute! I hope you're doing well.

Christi & Michael said...

Yay! You're back! House looks great!! I have definitely contributed to the furniture industry lately. Lots of new around our new house! Can we say I've done my part?

Anisa said...

everything looks great!