Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A+ for Disney's "High School Musical"

Ah, high school... I can almost recall a few of my lines as Rosie Alvarez in Bye Bye Birdie now.

On Sunday afternoon, Mom and I attended the performance of High School Musical at the Orpheum in Memphis. It was so cute! What was even better is that Russell had gotten us third row seats!!! ( We love you, Hubby)

I’m pretty sure we were some of the only people there either not under the age of twelve or parents with several screaming and overly-excited children! But it was great to see so many young people falling in love with the theater. I really think it's important to produce shows that bring a new generation to the Orpheum. I also loved seeing so many little men there, interested in the sports theme.

Of course Mom and I couldn't leave without visiting Blues City Pastry, only a block away, for the perfect after-theater treat. They have some of the best chocolate mousse around! Stop by before or after your next show and try one of their popular Mud Island Mud Squares or Symphony Squares. You won't be dissappointed!

Oh! And if you're interested in season tickets to the Orpheum, they're still available. They're now offering a mini-season with three shows starting with The Wedding Singer in February. Who knew that you could get season tickets for as little as $65.25? That's less than $22 per show!

Check their blog out if you're interested... or you can sign up for their newsletters here! That's actually how I keep up with what's going on. Often times, they give away free tickets for comments as well. Good luck!

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