Friday, January 4, 2008

Liberty Bowl Blast

We had an absolute blast at the Liberty Bowl! I met Russell at his office for the parade on Friday afternoon to kick off the festivities. It was surprisingly pretty long. Note to photographer- watch out for the flying beads!

We met my parents early Saturday morning at the Peabody and then we set off to tailgate at the stadium with the Lamptons and the Walkers. You can see the collage of pictures above.

After the Bulldog Victory, we had dinner at the Rendezvous with my parents. The ladies proceeded to sip on chocolate martinis at the Peabody while the men gulped who knows what. Russell and I carried on to Beale Street with Dustin & Ashley Williams to meet up with Truitt Taylor for the night. And the rest is history, with a few incriminating pictures...Me & Ashley at the PeabodyNez, Lyndsey, & Myself Walking home from somewhere... to commemorate my Christmas present, season tickets
Ashley, Truitt, and I at EP's
Mollie Walker & Russell
Lastly, does anyone know who this stud is???


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, love it!-Lyndsey

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Great pics! Can I borrow that last stud, er, guy for about an hour?! lol. Hubba.

MollieWalker said...

Oh, I forgot about this picture. Was this before or after I was chainsawing off angel wings?Ha

karey said...

Hey, I need a copy of that last picture!!! I love it!!! He is so crazy!!!