Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Altar'd State of Mind

I'm in wedding mode this week. No, Hubby and I aren't renewing our vows just yet!

For my best friend, Stacey...

She's marrying this cutie on Saturday!

So I'm off to Tupelo to help with some last minute wedding preparations.
I've been anticipating this weekend for a long time now. 'Just counting down the days until all of my college best friends will be back together again.

I'm picking up Kelly & Phil at the airport tomorrow and then we're headed downtown to eat at the Rendezvous. This will be Phil's first time to Memphis so we've got to show him around before we head to Tupelo on Friday.

I'll be back next week with plenty of pictures....

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The Johnsons said...

Hey Hillary! I found your blog through other friends, and just wanted to say hi! I love all the pics!