Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Out of the Blue

My postings are getting a little out of order here. The collage pictures were actually taken on the Thursday and Friday nights prior to Stacey and Ray's wedding.

Jade, Mollie Walker, Me, Stacey, and Kelly at my rehearsal dinner in November of 2006

So I've been catching a lot of slack for not posting lately. I must admit that I've been a bit bummed and "uninspired", if you will. I actually lost 99% of my pictures from Stacey's wedding. Something to do with the memory card. It must be this piece of junk that I'm using. Hubby, I still NEED a Canon Rebel or Nikon D40! Anywho, I was also a little blue about Kelly going back to DC, Stacey being on her honeymoon, and Jade, Mollie, and I returning to our different hometowns. I know it sounds ridiculous but I miss all of us being in one location. Why can't we all still live in the sorority house but with our Hubbys too? Okay, so now you know the reason for lack of blogging.

Phil, since I know you're my faithful reader in DC, this one's for you...

As planned, I picked Kelly and Phil up from the airport and we headed downtown to meet Russell for dinner at Rendezvous. The pictures tell it all. We weren't ready to go home after dinner so we headed to Silky's on Beale St. for a few drinks and laughs. I should note that Kelly Kirk is one of the most outgoing people I know. If you don't know my great friend, Kelly, you're missing out. She hasn't changed a bit since college. If anything, DC has given her energy. She is hilarious and still so much fun to be around! The whole weekend was filled with firsts for Phil- Rendezvous ribs, Beale Street, Silky's divers, and boiled crawfish to name a few. I think he's getting pretty good at the Mississippi weddings by now, after attending our's, Mollie & Gere's, and Stacey & Ray's!

It was so great to get to hang out with all of my college girlfriends during the weekend festivities. Pictures above are a combination of the Bridesmaid's Luncheon at IV's and the rehearsal dinner at Park Heights in Tupelo.


Phil Smith said...

I like the new format Hillary.

lsadler said...

I must have PMS or something b/c I teared up when I clicked on "sorority house" and it was a picture of the DG house!!! I'm so sad I had to miss Stacey's wedding. I could have really used a good dose of all of y'all! Do you know where in Tupelo (or wherever) Stacey is registered?
Glad you're back to blogging. I've been pissed that you haven't been posting.

Kate said...

I love all of the bright, colorful dresses! You and your friends are all too cute!

AR said...

How neat to read a blog post about Rendezvous ribs, Beale Street, Tupelo and Colonel Reb. I was raised in Northeast MS. and now live in Al.

I found your blog thru, Running as fast as I can (summer swap).