Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trip Out

Geez, you'd think Hubby was joining the Marines. He got a buzz cut and he's put himself in boot camp with daily marathons and lunges. Tomorrow morning he's off to hike the #1 wonder of the West.

Pictures to come if he makes it! Maybe I can convince him to guest blog for the first time.

On another note, we helped uncover the family's pool on Sunday. Bailey was in Heaven! That girl loves the water. She even started fetching off of the diving board. It wasn't easy but I managed to capture a few shots of her.

Note: Cousin Sophie prefers to watch from the sidelines!


The Mrs. said...

How cute is your puppy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw your last post and thought I would try to help with the memory card issue.

Most places like Wolf Camera can recover files from your memory card, even if you deleted them, as long as you have taken more pictures. I know the owner of Deville Camera here in Jackson, MS and he said they have never had a memory card they couldn't recover.

kristy said...

Love those photos of Bailey! We cannot wait to take our little Kaywood to the lake to see her swim and play for the first time this summer. Aren't yellow labs the best?