Friday, December 28, 2007

Proud to be an M-S-U Bulldog

The Jordan household has proudly displayed our Bulldog tree and MSU Nutcracker since the Egg Bowl.

This weekend should be loads of fun at the Liberty Bowl! Festivites started this morning with Russell attending a special team breakfast with his Dad. I hope to join Hubby downtown at his office for the parade this afternoon. We're also planning on going to dinner with all of our friends tonight. The real fun starts bright and early in the morning with my parents coming in town to tailgate and go to the game with us. I'm excited because we're staying the night at the Peabody tomorrow night. This is safe planning on our part so we don't have to drive back to Hernando after my booze and peanuts at the game and a night out on Beale Street. Go Dawgs!!!

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Elizabeth's Blog said...

Cute tree Hillary did you make that? If so I want one just let me know if you made it or where I could purchase one for my house! I'm so happy we won on Sat. Clay and I just got back from Nashville we went for a little weekend get-a-way trip and had a blast! Take care and "Go DAWGS!"