Friday, December 21, 2007

' Tis the season...

to be TIRED! Yep, that's right. I said it. I just couldn't resist. That's how I truly feel these days. And this post will probably make you even more tired. Consider this a warning that the post is super long and will probably wear you out just from reading it.
I know it's been well over a month since I last posted (Wii post for my brother doesn't really count). I don't know what my deal is. Wait. I take that back. I know exactly what my problem is. I've been entirely too busy (more to come on what's been going on, see below). It seems like every time I think about posting, I change my mind.

It all started right around Thanksgiving. I kind of took a break by default to the holiday and then I went on my business trips and next thing I know, I'm three weeks behind! The blog break actually felt nice. I think I was a little burnt out on posting.

Now don't get me wrong, I've continued to read everyone else's but just had no desire to personally post. I'm just not feeling very witty, creative, etc. It's probably because I've exhausted all of my creative energy on everyone else's Christmas cards. I also think it may have something to do with EVERYONE having a blog now. It's hard to come up with my own ideas and posts after viewing all of the others'. There's just too many out there... some are funny, some are boring, and some are just arrogant. I can't believe the nerve some people have. The things they post, it's like they think they're invisible just because they use "mr and mrs (insert pseudo name here)." Oh well, enough about that.

I guess the real reason I'm back is because I've had several people tell me that they've missed me and I'm just curious as to how many will actually post welcoming me back and/or wishing us a Merry Christmas. Which actually brings me to my next topic... Starbucks! Who doesn't love Starbucks??? I believe we all do, especially at this time of year. So I'm "passing the cheer" and giving away a Lil' Christmas present (a Starbucks gift card) to one of you who leaves a comment between now and Christmas Day. I'll actually give you until the 26th. It's also to celebrate our 1 year anniversary since we (read I) started this family blog. I can't believe I even care about this thing a year later!

Now, on to what we've been up to since Thanksgiving...

Above is our family picture at the Christmas Tree Farm two days after Thanksgiving. Isn't Bailey the funniest? I just love it when she cocks her little head to the side like that. It's as if she's thinking, "Mom, are you serious? Am I really posing for a family picture while wearing this ridiculous scarf of yours? Geez, I can't wait until you have a child so you'll stop torturing me. But wait! Does that mean I'll get less treats and fewer belly rubs? Maybe I'll deal with this one photo."

Next we have a pic of our wounded Bailey during Thanksgiving break. Yes, this is another story in which I feel merits a chapter in our own book, Bailey and Me. Like I said earlier, I'm just not feeling very witty so I'm going to save this story for a rainy day. Let's just say it involves us finding a chewed up strand of Christmas lights in the back yard (light bulb glass and all)!

I've had all of my Christmas decorations complete since the end of November for many reasons... I wanted to enjoy them for as long as I could, I hosted a spa party for some girlfriends the night before I left town on business, and I knew I would be in a bad mood if I had to decorate as soon as I got back from being out of town for two weeks (putting me too late into December to be putting two trees up).

Above are pictures of my outdoor decorations. I just love the glittered presents made of wrought iron that I got for 1/2 price! I'm also pretty proud of the wreaths since I made them myself. I've actually been making all of my own door decor since I have two doors and it costs me twice as much! I found the paper-mache flowers at the wholesale florist and decided to turn them into wreaths since they coordinated with the stripes and polka dots on the presents. All in all, I liked how it turned out so much that it inspired me to decorate a second tree that you'll see later in the post.

The tree pictured above is our real tree this year. It's filled with all of my Radko ornaments that I've been collecting over the years. It never fails, each year, while I'm decorating, I break an ornament. Yes, it's my fault, no one else to blame but myself. (That's pretty obvious since I'm the only one who decorates the tree. Do you sense bitterness? I don't know why you would. No, it's probably better that way since Russell doesn't stand a chance meeting my standards.) So Russell says to me, as a dirty word slips out of my mouth in perfect harmony with the clashing of the glass ornament, "Was it a good one?" And I think to myself, (read I say) "No, Babe, it was a bad one. One I didn't like. Just bought it for the heck of it. Good thing it only cost me $50 on sale." Bless his heart. Sometimes he's so naive. Just another reason I love him so. Mainly because he has no clue how much I've spent on Christmas ornaments alone. Good thing it was before we married!

Our second tree posted above is a "faux" pencil tree that my mother gave me to use in the foyer. I was inspired by my outdoor decor to put this tree up in the entryway. This is the tree you can see from the road through the front door windows.

Another funny story about Bailey and the pictures above... One evening while I was cooking (rare event), I heard Bailey growling out the window. I knew she was anxiously awaiting her father to come home from work. She loves to guard the window and just watch the road until Russell pulls up the drive. However, she doesn't really growl often so I went to inspect what was bothering her. I had just gotten home so she had been locked up in the back yard while I was out and about. I totally forgot that our next door neighbors had put out their yard decorations. Sure enough, she was disturbed by the big blow-up bears in our neighbor's yard. Russell carried her over to check (read sniff) them out as soon as he got home. Our Bailey, she's such the guard dog!

Another big event this month was my best friend, Sara Beth's brain surgery. Sara Beth and I have been the greatest of friends for over 25 years now. She, Laine, Lyndsey and I hold some deep dark high school dirt on each other. It was only natural that we asked her if she subconsciously told anything on us when she was under the knife.

Many of you may recall her story that I shared back at Easter. Well, she's doing great since her successful surgery on the 11th. You can keep up with her progress here at her Caring Bridge Site. In the meantime, she went on a date with one of her doctor's assistants last night so I'd say she's back to her ole' charming self!

Oh, I apologize for the graphic pic above but I just couldn't resist a shot of her staples! Besides, it was my only way of showing her what they looked like... through my digital camera.

You can tell by the picture above that the Christmas cards started rolling in last week. I have so many to add that I think I'll have to start displaying them elsewhere. Just so you know, I'm super behind on my cards this year. Actually, I'll be just on time since we're sending out New Year's cards instead of Christmas. You see, I knew that I would be late so I just decided to alter them a bit so it looked like I really had my stuff together. We all know that's not true! However, Russell's now concerned that everyone will think we're not Christians!!! But really, after designing everyone else's Christmas cards this year, I was over it and couldn't come up with a design for my own. It's kinda like that saying, "the cobbler's children never have any shoes." I guess that's me this year!

Lastly, our Bailey Girl turned a whopping 1 year old last Friday 12/14. She celebrated with a real ham bone and a new interactive stuffed toy that barks. Just what every dog needs!

'Tis the season to be grateful for family, friends, and pets!!!
Merry Merry,


The Petro's said...

So glad you are back to the blogging world! I missed the Christmas card order deadline this year, but I will definitely have to get you to do ours next year!

Sara Beth said...

Beautiful pic the decorations!!!! Love you! SB

Michael and Crissie said...

Hillary, I'm glad your back! Your decorations look great. I don't drink coffee, so forget me for the card.

Ken and Lacey said...

will you come and decorate my house for christmas? you are so creative! i'm glad you are back...i always enjoy seeing what new project you are working on. i hope you have a wonderful christmas!

Crystal and Billy said...

I have been waiting to see your Christmas decorations...your fall ones were great. Can I pay you next year to do my house!! :o)

By the way, Billy has broken one of my ornaments every year that we have been together...drives me crazy.

The Lively's said...

Merry Christmas!! Glad your back in the blogging world.

Anisa said...

hey hillary! the decor looks fab...thanks for the fun update!

Katie & Lu McCrary said...

we missed your blog, glad your back. Don't think you sound grouchy at all. My husband Lu loves Christmas more than anyone I know and he called me scrooge this week. So I gave him the following list of what I had to accomplish or had not accomplished before dec 24. (it will make you feel better)
1. is it normal for it to be dec 23 and my christmas cards still be on the counter with the labels sitting next to them, so i told myself not to stress they say "happy holidays" not merry christmas
2. oh by the way is it normal for the birth announcements of our son who is now 5 mos old to be there beside them
3. can't see the dining room table for all the gifts i have to wrap
4. i actually yelled out the window at a driver friday on my lunch break, do people just go stupid after dec 15 when it comes to driving
5. went off on lady in walgreens when she wouldn't sell me MY pictures from the digital counter because she said they were professional... i took them with my new christmas present, a professional camera...she still woundn't sell them to me, made huge scene, can't show my face again in walgreens...
so hope you are feeling better about yourself by now. I am not scrooge, actually getting a lot done as of today and looking forward to our son's first christmas..for the record I love christmas, just don't enjoy the preparations!!!!