Monday, February 25, 2008

Completely Booked

Anyone a fan of Sophie Kinsella? I just got her new release yesterday. This particular one isn't a part of the Shopaholic series, nor about Becky Bloomwood. But for those of you who do love Becky, there's going to be a movie and Isla Fisher will play her! You can read about additional casting here.

I'm also just counting down the days until May 13th for Emily Griffin's newest release! I've loved all three of her books so far. This one is about a woman--just 100 days married--who revisits an old love. I guess this means no more Rachel or Darcy.

So, during an interview a while back ago, Emily recommended Sarah Dunn's The Big Love. Anyone ever read it?

Lastly, has anyone tried SimplyAudioBooks yet? I'm just wondering if you like it. It appears to be Netflix for books on tape. Hubby and I listened to a book on audio (Gods of Alabama, not so great) while traveling to New Mexico. I know that Cracker Barrel rents them for really cheap too. Here's their program...

-Buy a Books-On-Audio tape at any Cracker Barrel location (prices range from $9.99 to $48.00). We also offer some titles on CD. Visit New Releases for a list of newly available books on tape or CD.
-Enjoy listening, and then simply return the book at the next Cracker Barrel you visit. We'll refund the purchase price, minus $3.49 for each week you've had it.
-Do it again!


The Mrs. said...

Have not heard of sophie...just got something borrowed because Biscuitsb are Never Boring recommended! may have to check Sohie out!

Crystal and Billy said...

I can't wait till the Shopaholic movie comes out...I know it will be great!!

Stylinmama said...

I LOVE Emily Giffin! It has been too long. PS-Love the new layout! said...

How strange is it that you mentioned these things and I jumped over to read your blog...

Emily Griffin is one of my very favorites and I am hoping that there will be a follow-up to the Something Borrowed/Blue series..

I also just bid on the Remember Me? by Kinsella on ebay.. I saw it in Kroger one day last week and started to buy it but I always buy books on ebay. You can usually get them for a great deal.

I have not heard of The Big Love but will check that one out too!!

I am not a fan of audio books. But, it is probably because I don't spend but a few minutes a day in my car so I don't have enough time to listen. Maybe on my next trip.. that would probably make the time go by faster.

I also wanted to tell you that it is such a small world.. my sister lives in Hernando.