Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pots, pans,


and dishes, these were just a few of Laine's wishes!

Laine and her mom, Mrs. Sally

Mrs. Ginger and Sara Beth's beautiful fruit display

Lyndsey, Laine, Me, and Sara Beth... best of friends

Mom and I had a great time hosting Laine's shower in Corinth with all of our friends. Laine got so many great gifts to help decorate their house in Oxford. I know one of her favorites had to be from Sara Beth, a Danielson Designs' decorative sign from Ginger's. It says it all...

CORINTH- Where your story begins

This is especially true for the four of us!

Oh, and I got one too for my birthday. Thanks SB!


Donna Boucher said...


Just stopping by to say I love your title of "Western Union" over at Ree's!

Good one!

Serah said...

Hello! I recently found your blog and I'm really enjoying it! I'm originally from Southaven, MS/Memphis, so it's fun to hear about all the places I used to frequent.

Have a great day!

sas said...

Looks like a great shower! I loved my showers! They were so much fun!

katie ray said...

what a cute gift! that's perfect since they are both from corinth, precious! hope you are doing well, miss seeing you in tupelo!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

I use to watch a soap years ago called Loving and the city was Corinth. Has anyone ever told you that you look like the actress Laura Linney?! You really do look like her in those two pictures with your friends!