Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Russell has a deposition in Clarksdale today and then another something in Germantown tonight so he's offered to take me to Benihana's for the All You Can Eat Sushi. I love my hubby! Isn't he the sweetest? Sushi's our favorite. However, I wonder if he's really thought about the last and first time we tried the All You Can Eat, we barely even got our money's worth and that was with extreme effort! In the meantime, Bailey and I are working hard at the home office trying to get some things squared away before this evening. I have a feeling the day's going to fly by and I'm going to get little accomplished...

Come on, does she seriously look like she's doing any kind of "work" to help me out around the house?

PS- Shout out to Leah & Joey and Lee & Will for inviting us out for dinner and a movie last night. I'm sorry I just now checked the voicemail message, hence the reason we didn't show up! How was Ocean's 13???


Lee said...

It was really good! (But come on, give me any movie with George Clooney and Brad Pitt in it, I'm going to say it's good!!!) Wish ya'll could have made it!!!!

The Lively's said...

came to Clarksdale and didn't even call the Lively's - tell Russell my feelings are hurt!!