Thursday, June 28, 2007

Intelligent Water Bottles

So since I've commited to a healthy lifestyle and it's Day 1 of joining the club & working out, I've decided to read up on my fitness magazines as well. Yes, they were a little dusty but I've found several interesting tips, gadgets, and recipes. One in particular is the HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle that knows when you should be thirsty. This is one smart container: Enter your weight, duration and intensity of exercise, the temperature, and altitude into the bottle's hydration calculator, and it'll measure how much water you're drinking and recommends precisely the amount of H2O you need.

Not only can the bottle make sure you get enough water, it can keep you from drinking too much as well. As if we all have that problem! So what if you're not thirsty? Maybe it's actually a nagging machine that's constantly hounding you about your hydration. That said, its' attractive form factor encourages you to take it along for all-day nagging, and it's fairly small — this 22-ounce bottle is just 6 inches tall, a convenient size for athletes and people on the go.

So, my thing is that I don't know if I like the idea of this gadget or not. Do I really want a water bottle that's smarter than me? What's next? A lunchbox that tells me when I'm hungry, and then when I'm done it tells me that I'm fat, and laughs to itself? And what happens if it malfunctions? I could be one heck of a dehydrated chick! What happen to drinking when YOU feel thirsty?

I'm already anticipating the next HydraCoach II, in which it would track alcohol intake and then disable your car's ignition when you've passed the legal limit. Anyone interested in the $30 water bottle? If so, check it out...

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Parker and Libby Rhett . . . said...

So, that is very interesting. Do you think it really works. If so, I do want one. Do you order online or get them somewhere?