Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do you know something I don't know???

My beautiful wild flowers that Russell surprised me with

I finished my appointments in Tupelo early yesterday so I decided to head on back to Hernando so I could spend the night with my lovely husband. I was actually thinking he probably needed a clean dress shirt and would also like a cooked meal. On my way back, I called him at the firm to see what he had planned for the evening. Initially he said he wanted to just stay at home but thirty minutes later he called back to say that he wanted to take me to dinner downtown and use the office tickets and go to the Redbirds game. I gave in and headed to Memphis to meet up. As I picked him up at his office, he walked out the door carrying this beautiful arrangement of wild flowers. I quickly said "which secretary did you steal those from?" He said "I didn't, they're for you." I think I then went on to ask what he had done to require this lovely gesture. My first thoughts were... the house is a mess, Bailey has chewed up my favorite apparel item, he's already has a girlfriend. Just kidding! Do you really think he has time for someone else? As high maintenance as I am and as much attention as I require, I really don't think a girlfriend would ever be worth it. So, the truth is my wonderful husband saw the pretty flowers at a street vendor who grows them himself and he said he thought I would like them. He couldn't have been more right. I've had a pretty stressful week thus far. My boss and friend, the one who hired me a year ago, was just recently laid off by my company. He was supposed to come in this week to work with me and now I've been left to do it all myself. However, the president of the company is now flying in for the big meeting tomorrow. Uh yeah, just extra stress. I hope you all are having a better week than myself!

Auto Zone Park where they have some of the best peanuts & beer!


thereynolds said...

Man! Sorry you're having a tough week. The flowers are beautiful!

Parker and Libby Rhett . . . said...

That was sweet. Add our blog to yours. We are in the blog world now. Leah and Joey, yall, and us need to get together soon. Sorry your week has been tough. Sweet husbands make it all better though.

Anonymous said...

How sweet of Russell!!! \


Lee and Will Herrin said...

that is SO sweet!!!! will used to bring me flowers a whole bunch. Leah commented at our house one time how she loved that I always had fresh flowers and it was so sweet that Will brought them to me. I (after a few beers at this point) stupidly said "they're just grocery store flowers, leah, they're not even that expensive, and look how cute!" Needless to say, Will doesn't bring me flowers anymore!!!! Hope your week gets better!