Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Project: Paint the Office

Wall Color: Santorini Blue
Soothing Santorini Blue walls reflect this room's quality of light as it changes throughout the day. Extend the casual mood with natural materials that offer rich texture and versatility, like our Wide–Border Sisal Rug and Como Side Table & Bench. Our oversized PB Basic Grand Sofa offsets colorful Kantha and Bird Floral Pillow Covers in shades of russet and amber. Complete the organic theme with a wrought–iron Botanical Lamp.

Check out the NEW Fall 2007 Room Palettes from Pottery Barn and Benjamin Moore-

No, I have not completely finished my last project (patio table) yet. Which is so typical of me to be on another project before I finish the first one. However, I have been wanting to paint my office since we moved in April. It use to be the little girl's room and it's a combination of mauve and pepto pink. Yuck! I've finally decided on the color... Pottery Barn's Fall 2007 Santorini Blue. Russell's hoping the new color will help with my mood after staring at it all day. I think a lighter color will go better with our mahogany desk and hopefully it will coordinate with Russell's navy blue pleather recliner I've allowed him to keep. (First off, it's motion furniture. Second, he thinks it's 100% leather. I beg to differ. I'm the one that works in the furniture industry, Buddy. It's definitely a split leather/vinyl. Yuck again!) We've had several discussions about this lovely chair. The office or the bonus room upstairs are the only two places it's allowed. I've found some storage boxes that should help to coordinate the navy blue chair with the light blue, khaki, white combination. I went ahead and painted a little on the wall, as you can see in the pictures above, so we would be forced to complete this task this weekend! I hope Russell doesn't mind but I have a list of "honey do's" for him. I'll post pictures of the projects once they're done.

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Kristen said...

Hi! You don't know me...I was looking for paint colors online this afternoon and googled "santorini blue" to see if anyone else had painted with it and liked it. When I came across your site I almost laughed out loud because my husband and I also got married on 11.11.06 and we honeymooned in Portugal (not Italy, but close)! Your playlist is also oddly reminiscent of mine...my husband and I totally thought we were the only ones who knew My Sweet Carolina by Ryan Adams. And Santorini blue...anyway, just wanted to say great site, and you must be my long-lost sister! Sincerely, Kristi Hodges in Chicago (kristi.hodges@gmail.com)