Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pampered Pooch

Sorry it's been long time, no post. I know you're sick and tired of seeing Brit's face as the first thing on my blog!

Bailey and I went home to Corinth this weekend to spend time with my family. Russell had another guys' weekend on the Coast for Tony Giachelli's bachelor party. Bailey got to play with our family lab, Belle. They had a big time together. I had a motherly moment when I saw Bailey "kennel-up" to take a nap on her own. I just had to take a picture. She goes there to feel safe. She has not done this since we moved from our old house in Tupelo. She's so good to kennel-up at night as long as one of us walks her into her room and commands it. I was so proud. Bailey is a huge fans of her toys, all toys for that matter. Belle, our family lab, doesn't pay much attention to the toys my momma buys her so Bailey decided to claim them as her own. My mother thought it was so cute, so she sent all of them back with her on Sunday. I swear, she came back with more loot than I did! Usually when I go home, I always return with some goodies from a shopping trip, some leftovers, money or something. Don't get me wrong, I didn't come home empty handed but Bailey came home with a new dog bowl, a frisbee, a fish, a monkey, and a gingerbread man! Boy was she happy! Upon returning home, she had to show off her new fish to Russell.

Notice anything new in the living room? No, it's not the new coffee table we're needing.

Instead, it's Bailey's new dog bed from LL Bean!!! It came in over the weekend and has her name monogrammed on it. I know it looks a little big for her now, since it's the X-Large, but I figure she'll grow into it. I was so nervous about her liking it. Russell and I have been talking about getting her one to try and limit the amount of time she spends on our sofa. She likes Sophie's bed (the Jordans' dog) so we thought it might do the trick. Well, it worked! Bailey just loves it. All it took was for me to show her one time and now she does it on her own all of the time. I've taken a few pics to show ya. It also works as a catch-all for her toys. She likes to have easy access to them and now they're not all over the living room floor. Well, they're still there too since she now has so many!


Katie said...

What a sweet dog!! I love his bed!

Mary Katherine Segrest said...

i love it! we need new dog beds for ruger and ellie...