Thursday, July 19, 2007

Patio Project

So I've started a new project... my one-of-a-kind patio set! If you know me, you know I seem to make the easiest of decisions and/or purchases difficult by feeling the need to personalize them. I've always been this way. I really don't like the thought of someone having the exact same thing as me. So, hence the reason for my patio project. I found this patio set at Lowes where you can customize the tiles inlaid in the table. I obviously didn't buy the whole patio set like they wanted me to. Nor did I buy the $0.97 floor tiles they suggested (which would have been a heck of a lot easier and cheaper). Oh no, instead I only got the table and purchased wrought iron chairs from another location. I am still looking for the perfect umbrella but have seemed to wait too late in the season. Everyone is sold out everywhere! I've probably already looked there but any suggestions? Anywho, back to the table which is the project part. I decided I liked the idea of blue ceramic tiles for my table. Very Italian looking, reminded me of the feel of Positano on our honeymoon. However, the ceramic tiles require some caulking and a supportive backing. In the meantime, I've bought all of the materials and will keep you posted on how it turns out after the weekend...

Inspiration from our honeymoon - Positano, Italy 2007

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The Beidleman's said...

I saw that table. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Have a great week and I hope Brooke kicks your butt this week. Just Kidding! Did you get some new shoes?