Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bailey's Back at Home

It was a lonely couple of days without our Bailey Girl around the house. However, I worried over nothing! I went to pick her up from the family vet in Holly Springs yesterday, concerned that she would be groggy from the anesthesia and mad at me for leaving her there. But what do you know if she doesn't come running out full force with that tail wagging! She hasn't been a bit phased by her "female surgery." We tried to take it easy all day yesterday but she's back to her normal self today...

Fetching tree limbs...
...and chasing our shadows

Russell called me the other day while traveling back from court in Nashville to say that he found a great dog bed for Bailey for $30 at Gander Mtn. Obviously, Bailey's Daddy doesn't read our blog or else he would know that we were giving her another monogrammed LL Bean dog bed to match our bedroom for Christmas. Anyway, he described it as being large, machine washable, and tan to go with our bedroom decor. I was skeptical of just how great it was for only $30 but I reluctantly gave in. I said, "I trust you, just use your good judgement."

When I finally saw the purchase in person, I almost laughed. Wait, I did laugh! I knew it was half the size of her current bed. Not to mention that I about died when I smelled the cedar chips. Who wants their house to smell like cedar? Russell said "what? cedar smells good." Yeah, if you are still in college and you're trying to cover the smell of stale beer.

So, I was telling my good friend Meg about this funny story on my way to pick Bailey up yesterday and she said "Just wait, I bet Bailey likes Russell's $30 cedar sack better than your $100+ egg crate." Well, what do you know? Bailey tried out her Daddy's new bed last night and seemed to like it fine.

Today, however, I've caught her on it five different times (see picture below).
Here she is loving her Daddy's purchase

Bailey might have just lost herself a Christmas present and bought herself a ticket to sleep outside with the cedar sack.

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MollieWalker said...

Glad Bailey is back home and doing well. Reminds me of a little buddy I know...Drake:) Thanks for commenting on my blog;that was exciting!