Thursday, October 18, 2007

Warning: Man in Charge

When Russell got home, Bailey had cabin fever and was bouncing off of the walls to play. Unfortunately they couldn't go outside to play due to the thunderstorm we were having. Instead, Russell decided to clean the Jeep & the garage with the shop vac and let Bailey chase him around to wear some of her energy out.

Hmm, entertain Bailey while I finish dinner? I thought this was a great idea!

In the meantime, I look out the window to find this...

Bailey re-energizing herelf for the night!

Apparently the story goes like this... one of the cans fell over and got Bailey's attention... she decides to "fetch" the beer and carry it around until her teeth punch a hole through the can... then the can spews everywhere and Bailey drinks it all. Wait, I thought that beer was an aquired taste. Oh well, one more way for she and Russell to bond!


LT (and Max) said...

you're kidding! that's hilarious. great job capturing it on camera. :)

Anonymous said...

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