Sunday, October 28, 2007

Whoa, it's been a while...

I had no clue it's been 11 days since my last post! I guess I've just been so busy with work, stationery orders, & parties that I've neglected our family blog. I do apologize to all of our faithful readers out there!

So, to recap what we've been up to...

Yesterday we went to a wedding and two receptions in the Jackson area. One of Russell's best friends from high school, Justin Hall, married Jamie Monsour in Raymond. We then attended their reception in Ridgeland.

Later that night we went to a wedding reception at Lake Caroline in Madison in honor of Kerri Nance & Curtis Utroska. Actually they were married a couple of weeks ago on the beach and I was unable to go. Kerri's parents hosted a party at home in there honor. Russell and I were glad we finally got to celebrate with them.

We also got to see our good friends, Emily & Adam Brooks. Emily is due with her second baby soon. I loved hanging out with some of my sorority sisters that I don't get to see often enough.

Best Wishes Kerri & Curtis!

Emily, Kerri, and Myself

Russell, Me, Kerri, Curtis, Emily (w/ baby "B"), & Adam

We had our Holiday Home Party in Olive Branch this week and have been busy filling Christmas orders galore! I apologize if I've been a bad friend and have not returned phone calls (um, sorry Meg). We've also added several acrylic gifts to the blog. Order your Christmas cards through Wednesday, Halloween Day for your 15% discount!

Pictures from our recent Holiday Home Party

16 oz. Travel Tumbler; Pencil Holder; 15 oz. Sports Bottle-
All from Address to Impress

Last Saturday we had Jeremy, Elizabeth, Brett, March, Brittany, Gates, & Reid over to watch the Dawgs on GamePlan. Unfortunately, it was a big waste of $20 (due to the Dawgs' loss). We did, however, get to see a Halloween costume that was worth every penny.

Brittany brought her Halloween costume over to model for us

Do you see that cute wink in the second picture? If any of you know me very well, I'm a big winker. In college it use to get me in trouble because I would unconsciously wink at everyone. Sometimes they would think I was flirting with them because of this. Brittany picked up on my winks and decided to start winking back at me on her own for the camera! It was too funny.

We all agreed that Brittany definitely looks best as a natural blonde

We'll try to forgive Brett & March for dressing Brittany & Gates in all of that 'Bama garb

Couldn't resist a picture of Reid (in front) and Bailey begging to join in on all of the action. Don't these girls look like sisters?

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