Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Practicing for Tomorrow...

So I thought I might should test Bailey in her Halloween costume to make sure she's ready for the big day. Good idea, I thought! Better yet, NOT good idea because she obviously hates having anything stuffed on her back.

Bailey loves all things stuffed... hence the reason our house is still standing. I'm a big believer in supplying her with enough bones and stuffed animals to keep her occupied. Yes, she usually chews the eyes off in one hour and tears the stuffing out in a couple of days but that's why I now buy her stuffed animals at the Dollar Tree.

She would just shake and shake trying to get the stuffed wings off of her back, all while I was trying to get a decent picture. Let's just say that I highly doubt she'll be making her debut tomorrow as the Angel we all know she is. Good thing she doesn't need her wings to get in Heaven!

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