Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Laine & Clint Mitchell's Wedding

Above are the last of the pics from the weekend. Sorry I didn't get any of the reception at the Colonel's Quarters. I was too busy socializing!

By the way, Blogger is being a real booger these days. It won't cooperate with uploading pictures.


Nicole M Wood said...

I love these pictures. We have 2 weddings coming in May. I am so excited. I love weddings.

Kelly and Roger Elfert said...

Hey Hillary, found your blog through Emily Brooks. I am so glad to see you and what you are up too. I also love the pics from Laine's wedding. We have a 5 month old so we could not make it. Check out our blog and little one. Keep in touch. Kelly Erickson Elfert

sas said...

I haven't visited in a while. I love all of the pictures in the past posts! What fun. I especially love your dress at the wedding! :)