Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay, so confess. How many of you recycle your hair like Clemsongirl?

Any of you tried the baby powder trick? Well, it's never worked for me. It's always left white residual streaks, leaving me looking like a raccoon.

I know my hairdressers (yes, there's more than one. I'm a cheater!) claim that if you color treat your hair, then washing it everyday will make the color fade. And if you blow dry and Chi it too often, then you're drying it out as well. Um, Mollie Walker, I'm referring to you now!

So, I've seen this Stila Hair Refresher in several magazines and I decided to try it.

Let me just say "I love it!"

No matter how dirty and greasy your hair is, this powder will soak up oil, make your hair smell great, and give it WAYYYY more body.

Perfect for times when you're just busy, or to extend a styling/blowout. Just remember to use it a little at a time 'til you know how much to put on! A little powder goes a long way, so the bottle should last a really long time. And if you OD (over dose), all it takes is a good brushing to blend the powder in.

It's also scented so it'll leave a bit of a fragrance behind. Your choices are creme bouquet which is lightly scented with a warm, vanilla-amber floral and Jade Blossom (the one I have) is more garden-esque with a fresh, crisp blend of green tea, cucumber, and verbena.

Okay, enough said. Just go ahead and drop the 28 buckaroos. You'll thank me later for preventing that carpel tunnel due to using the round brush one too many times.


Lauren said...

I'm glad you posted about this. I want to try it for days that I don't want to wash my hair.

Have a nice week!

Nicole M Wood said...

AHH you are the second person that has loved this. I went to order it and it is gone. I will have to check the one in Rogers.

Kelly Kennedy said...

I have a confession-- I stalk your blog!!! You are too funny and I love how you "sale" products! I am a product hound! This stuff must be hot cause everywhere I've checked is sold out!