Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sole Searching

Dear Tory,

I'll make this short and sweet. I've been dreaming about ordering a pair of your sandals for the spring & summer. While I adore your preppy-boho look, you are overwhelming me with your selection. Now I know your unmistakable "T" crest is fabulous and all, but you should have saved some of your designs. Why must you offer so many choices for one season?

And one last thing, do you really have to sell them for $300? I liked the $98 Reva price point much better.

Warm thoughts,

PS- I'm dying to know who you're dating these days.


Hailey said...

In keeping with this "tags" business...I tagged you on my blog. I was hoping to avoid it myself, but I've been hit. You're turn!

jgaskin said...

Ha Hillary! I just ordered some myself, YAY! I picked up the flip flops at her store in Atlanta and love them lots but I do agree she has way to many choices.

jgaskin said...

Ha Hillary! I just ordered some of these too. I agree with the choices...way to many. I did pick up a pair of the black flip flops in Atlanta and love them!

The Mrs. said...

I could eat those! So yummy! I love Tori Burch. I even took a picture of her when I got my hair done!

Lauren said...

How did you score Revas for $98? I love those!

Stylinmama said...

I want some Reva's too, but Target seems to have a nice knockoff :) Hmm, who IS she dating?