Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh, Snap!

I've got a problem. It's a big one too.I've somehow broken my camera!

Last week during Furniture Market I pulled it out to snap a picture of one of my fabrics and the mode switch next to the top right corner of the LCD that selects between Still Record, Movie, and Playback modes was loose. Ugh!!!

So Hubby has checked with a camera store and they claim I'm better off buying a new one. This will be my 3rd Canon camera in the past 5 years! I'm really aggravated that they only have a life span of about 15-18 months. I use my camera a lot but I'm not that rough with it.

I need your help! Please tell me what kind of camera you have and what you like about it. I would love to have a Digital Rebel but Hubby claims I'm "no professional" and that it wouldn't fit in my purse. Please help me get this camera or a better one by leaving a comment telling me how much I need it. I'll then make him read all of the comments so he'll hopefully buy it for me.

And make it snappy, 'cause I have a best friend's wedding this weekend and I've already missed a lot of good pics from the Bachelorette Bash last weekend.


Anonymous said...

i heard sony is good. Take a look at this article, this one has 8.1 megapixel and a carl zeiss lense. Hubby will recognize carl zeiss if he hunts, he make the top notch scopes for rifles. check it out.

katie mccrary

Crystal and Billy said...

Wish I could help you...but I have the exact same camera and other than having to replace it b/c Billy dropped it in his beer at a baseball game, we have had no problems.

Jayme said...

Olympus stylus....love mine. I know how "rough" you can be with stuff and this one would be perfect for you. It's easy to operate and small enough to fit in the side pocket of your purse. It also takes great pictures. I've had mine for 2 years now and I use it all the time. You would love it. It even comes in a few snazzy colors! Just my opinion!

Mary Katherine said...

okay, i will definitely be your advocate here!
i have both: the elph and the rebel.
and they are BOTH necessities!!! i keep the elph in my purse and the rebel in its bag for special occasions. the pictures REALLy are better!
and i will tell you this, you may as well get one now, b/c one day when you have kiddos, you will need a rebel for the fast shutter speed - or else you'll miss it all! i wish i had had my rebel when camp was first born instead of getting it when he was 1 and 1/2!!! it is a great investment...

Nicole M Wood said...

I went from a Niko to a casio and love the change it is very easy and The battery last a long time.

Your_MaryKay_Angel said...

I agree with Mary Katherine...you really should have 2 (or more) camaras. That works best. Rebel is great for your larger camera. As for a smaller camera maybe snatch two. We have a Samsung Digimax for our out and about work camera. It has been dropped several times, tossed by my toddler, fallen out of the truck, been thru heck and back for a little $90.00 camera. And the pics are pretty good for it. We have had it for 2.5 years and it is still going strong. It makes a great emergency back up. After years of photography with my more expensive cameras, I am still happy with this one. We keep one in the diaper bag and glove compartment just in case we forget the Rebel. Like you, I hate to miss anything.

I really enjoy your blog and your business has such wonderful things. Good luck on your camera search!!